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A remote and continuous health monitoring solution

As we all become increasingly more aware about our health, we naturally recognize the importance of health monitoring and the need for trusted health information, improving our wellbeing and our lifestyle.

The growing prevalence and awareness about chronic disease management, is related with an increasing need for a remote and continuous health monitoring solution.

At the same time, as medical centers across the globe become less and less accessible and are associated with long waiting periods and rising costs, there is a need for a more efficient, electronic healthcare management system.

People today need to manage their health in real time basis for a better, affirmative recognition and analysis of symptoms, diagnosis, decision-making, and a better health outcome.

The wider availability of new diagnostic and treatment methods and the regular updates in healthcare solutions, calls for electronic health management. We are in the era of digital health – a shift from paperwork to paperless patient records. At a time when ineffective communication between patients and doctors is one of the biggest causes of medical errors, digital health is a solution in the quest for more accuracy.

The rising penetration of IT infrastructure and mobile devices in healthcare, as well as the spread of modern technology combined with medical professionals increasingly becoming more IT-skilled, relying on apps for better understanding of diagnosis and treatment pattern, cannot be ignored.

The rising internet penetration and social media usage among the general population, the increasing availability of advanced networks with 5G and various connectivity platforms, the growing number of connected devices, combined with the growing trend of technological advancements… all make the ground ripe for electronic health management.

At the same time, the growth in value-based patient-centric healthcare delivery and personalized medicine calls for diagnosis and advice in real time and at the point of care. There is one clear way forward: e-health – facilitating a better healthcare experience and engagement. Technology can save time and improve accuracy in health management, wherever you are.

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has contributed to the faster adoption of digital health technologies and mobile health apps and is expected to boost the growth of e-health even further.

At the same time, cancer is a leading cause of death across the globe and cancer screening is an effective preventive measure that can reduce cancer incidence and mortality.

While cancer screening is integral to cancer control and prevention, due to the pandemic, many screenings have either been canceled or postponed, leaving patients without access to recommended health care services. This disruption to cancer screening services is already having a significant impact on patients, health care practitioners, and health systems. This is the reason we are launching our continuous symptom tracker firstly for all types of cancer, addressing these challenges.


Lifepal provides an easier everyday solution than the whole process of visiting a doctor to understand your symptoms.


Lifepal is the mobile health app that helps you get organized when it comes to your health.

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