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The easiest way to keep track of your health

Lifepal has been created to help you manage your health in a simple, clear, organized and continuous way. In other words, it’s there for you, by your side, to help you maintain your health in good condition so that you can enjoy your life. That’s how Lifepal is your friend for life…

Most people interact with the healthcare system when they have a serious reason, and after they observe clinical signs. Most of us would not visit a doctor for symptoms that may be observed if these symptoms do not bother us to a considerable extent, even if they are consistent and continuous. ’The time we actually visit a doctor however, may often be too late – especially when it comes to serious conditions, like cancer, or chronic illnesses. Therefore, using user-friendly, easy-to-use electronic systems and data to facilitate early and proactive clinical intervention has the potential to be lifesaving.

At the same time, looking for information online for your symptoms and what they could mean, can be quite complicated and can lead to confusion. There is simply too much information, from different sources – websites, articles, social media… often misleading with conflicting views, leaving you unsure of which one to trust.

And what about keeping up with all your regular health check-ups? Relying on pen and paper or different electronic calendars for organizing your medical appointments is simply not working, and as much as we would like to, we are often not keeping up as much as we would like with our regular check-ups, simply because we are not aware of which tests to do and when.

What if there was an easier way to continuously track your health, your regular check-ups and any unusual symptoms, and get alerted from a trusted medical team as to what you should need to do?

This is the idea behind Lifepal – the mobile health app, from a multidisciplinary team of medical experts, that offers continuous symptom tracking and expert medical advice for when to visit a specific doctor, assisting you in managing your regular check-ups and comes with a complete medical library. Starting with symptoms tracking, health management and a complete medical library related to the leading cause of death across the globe – Cancer – and preparing for additional diseases which will soon follow along with many other services.

As the search for trusted medical advice is becoming increasingly complicated and intimidating, Lifepal offers simplicity, organization, speedy functionality, trusted information and peace of mind.


Lifepal provides an easier everyday solution than the whole process of visiting a doctor to understand your symptoms.


Lifepal is the mobile health app that helps you get organized when it comes to your health.

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Lifepal – your friend for life – is the mobile health app continuously by your side, helping you get more organized
and proactive when it comes to your health. Find out more information you might be interested in.

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