Lifepal helps you continuously track, record, and understand random symptoms, know when you must visit a doctor and organize your health check-ups.

Why Lifepal

Lifepal has been created to help you manage your health – in a simple, clear, organized and continuous way. In other words, it’s there for you, by your side, to help you maintain your health in good condition so that you can enjoy life. That’s how Lifepal is your friend for life…

Most people interact with the healthcare system when they have a serious reason, and after they observe clinical signs. Most of us would not visit a doctor for symptoms that may be observed if these symptoms do not bother us to a considerable extent, even if they are consistent and continuous.

The time we actually visit a doctor however, may often be too late – especially when it comes to serious conditions, like cancer, or chronic illnesses. Therefore, using user-friendly, easy-to-use electronic systems and data to facilitate early and proactive clinical intervention has the potential to be lifesaving.

What is Lifepal

Lifepal – your friend for life – is the mobile health app continuously by your side, helping you get more organized and proactive when it comes to your health, empowering you with trusted information regarding your health and guiding you in your next steps, in a simplified, clear and costless way, so that you can have the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy life.

Designed around your needs, offering a simple interface where you can get more organized, be informed and receive trusted advice – from a multidisciplinary team of medical experts.

Lifepal helps you manage your health check-ups, continuously track, record and understand random symptoms and know when you must visit a doctor.


Lifepal provides an easier everyday solution than the whole process of visiting a doctor to understand your symptoms.


Lifepal is the mobile health app that helps you get organized when it comes to your health.

Why Now

As we all become increasingly more aware about our health, we naturally recognize the importance of health monitoring and the need for trusted health information, improving our wellbeing and our lifestyle. The growing prevalence and awareness about chronic disease management, is related with an increasing need for a remote and continuous health monitoring solution.

At the same time, as medical centers across the globe become less and less accessible and are associated with long waiting periods and rising costs, there is a need for a more efficient, electronic healthcare management system. People today need to manage their health on a real-time basis for a better, affirmative recognition and analysis of symptoms, diagnosis, decision-making, and a better health outcome.

The wider availability of new diagnostic and treatment methods and the regular updates in healthcare solutions, calls for electronic health management.

Meet The Team

Importantly, as Lifepal is from a team of medical professionals, it can be trusted in all aspects.

How we can help?

Lifepal – your friend for life – is the mobile health app by your side continuously, helping you get more organized and proactive when it comes to your health. Find out more information you might be interested in.

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