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Lifepal is the mobile health app that helps you maintain your health in good condition on an on-going basis, continuously track, manage and understand random symptoms, know when you must visit a doctor and organize your health check-ups.

Lifepal’s multidisciplinary team of medical experts, is starting with the management of random symptoms that may be associated with cancer, for which early detection is vital to overcome it.

The functions that Lifepal currently offers are the following:

This is how it works – simply, clearly, quickly:

Lifepal gathers some basic demographic and medical history data from the users, and according to their age, gender and preconditions, it prompts them to take the regular medical tests advised for regular check-up.

The app assists the users to track symptoms they may have remotely and in real time on a continuous basis, and understand the relevant possibly related conditions – starting with all types of cancer – and how possibilities of conditions change over time, through a complex algorithm, designed by Medical Professionals.

Through the app’s symptom-tracker, users enter symptoms they have, pre-existing and new ones, monitoring them with time, and the app advises as to the next steps the users need to take and if they should visit a doctor at any stage, specifying the appropriate specialty.

Through the app’s medical library, users can explore more information and find explanations of conditions, tests and issues related to cancer. Stay tuned for more conditions which are under process.

Once users visit a doctor and/or carry medical tests, they can confirm to the app if a conclusive diagnosis was made successfully or not and continue monitoring their symptoms accordingly, getting advice on a continuous basis.

Using the app’s calendar, users can get organized in carrying additional medical tests or doctor visits as needed, being reminded at a pre-defined time, while continuing to track their symptoms (to monitor progress if condition assessment was conclusive / to help determine condition if diagnosis assessment was inconclusive).

How we can help?

Lifepal – your friend for life – is the mobile health app by your side continuously, helping you get more organized and proactive when it comes to your health. Find out more information you might be interested in.

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