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Lifepal is the mobile health app that helps you to continuously maintain your health in good condition, track symptoms on an on-going basis, get more organized and proactive when it comes to your health, empowering you with trusted information regarding your health and guiding you in your next steps, in a simplified, clear and costless way, so that you can have the peace of mind and freedom to enjoy life.

The functions currently offered by Lifepal are: continuous symptoms tracker – adapting evaluation and advice as symptoms change, advice as to the need to see a doctor and which specialty ’as well as medical tests to be carried, identification and management of regular check-ups needed, information and explanation of symptoms, conditions and tests related to cancer in the medical library, a platform to input the conclusions from the doctors’ visits, opportunity to be reminded regarding next steps – medical tests, next doctor visits.

The app services are offered for free – no membership fees, no hidden costs, and no requests for any kind of payment for whatever reason.

Lifepal is offered from a multidisciplinary team of medical experts, that offers expert medical advice for when to visit a doctor, assisting you in managing your regular check-ups and offering a complete medical library for cancer-related issues, symptoms and tests. All information and advice included in the app is from the medical team and can be trusted.

Importantly, as Lifepal is from a team of medical professionals, it can be trusted in all aspects. Lifepal does not ask you for your personal data, and not even your surname. The operating team behind Lifepal has your privacy and data security as a top-of-mind priority. You can be assured that there is no danger of potential data misuse, data breaches or malicious programs accessing your information.

Lifepal gathers some basic demographic and medical history data from the users once they register, and according to their age, gender and preconditions, it prompts them to take the regular medical tests advised for regular check-up. The automated check-up calendar will alert you for your upcoming check-ups, based on your gender and age, for a more personalized experience.

Lifepal should not be considered as a definite diagnostic tool, but rather as a guide to point towards possible conditions relating to symptoms. Consulting an actual physician is needed for a more accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The app cannot replace a doctor – what it can do is help you decide if a visit to the doctor is needed, and make that visit more productive since you will have all your related health and symptoms information at one place.

Lifepal is very easy to use, speedy and simple to navigate with a clear design, process and features. Everything is self-explanatory and all interaction is user friendly. No extensive knowledge and use of technology is needed to be able to use and benefit from the app.

Millions of people around the globe daily look for health information online where there is a myriad of online resources, but it’s a challenge to choose the best source for one’s individual needs. Moreover, the information found in these resources is often contradicting, which makes it hard to know which information to trust. Lifepal offers reliable information from a multidisciplinary team of medical experts, that can be trusted, offering you peace of mind.

Lifepal’s continuous symptom tracker allows you to track any unusual symptoms you may have and it informs you if you need to see a doctor, or if you need to take any relevant medical tests. The current algorithm of the app, designed by Medical Professionals, is tracking how your symptoms may relate to cancer as they may be noticed with time, thus giving you heads-up of what needs to be done, early enough, before it’s too late. In this way, Lifepal can be life-saving when it comes to some types of cancer for which the earlier the detection, the higher chances for cure.

Through the app’s symptom-tracker, users enter symptoms they have, pre-existing and new ones, monitoring them with time, and the app advises as to the next steps the users need to take and if they should visit a doctor at any stage, specifying the appropriate specialty.

Lifepal invites you to a new level of self-management when it comes to your health. Download the app and gain control over your health, take care of yourself appropriately, in a personalized, proactive, organized and continuous manner. Insert some basic information regarding yourself and keep on-track with your regular check-ups in the relevant health check-up section of the app. The app allows you to keep an electronic record of all regular health checks you have completed as well as doctor visits, while it automatically informs you of when your next check-ups need to be carried. The automated check-up calendar will alert you for your upcoming check-ups, based on your gender and age, in a completely personalized manner. In the past, we have relied on pen, paper, and a good memory – associated with low adherence, misplacement, and time consumption. By shifting these diaries to Lifepal, you can enter, store and access your time in real time.

Lifepal is not only handy, but it enhances the accuracy of information submitted to the doctor, which is especially important for valuable medical data. Understandably, when interacting with a doctor, users may get the reporting of time-critical symptoms or side effects wrong or, there may forget until they visit a doctor. Therefore, users may get the reporting of time-critical symptoms or side effects wrong or, they may forget by the time they visit a doctor to make a valid assessment, due to brain fog or due to their flawed state of mind during the visit. With Lifepal everything is recorded and stored in the app, so the users have readily available all accurate information at any time and can pass it to their doctors accordingly.

Lifepal assists the decision-making process of whether to see a doctor or not, and if yes which specialty. The app gives advice related to this early on and adjusts this advice accordingly as symptoms change with time – warning users if they need to see a doctor or complete any medical tests.

Once users visit a doctor and/or carry medical tests, they can confirm on the app if a conclusive diagnosis was made successfully or not and continue monitoring their symptoms accordingly, getting advice on a continuous basis. Using the app’s calendar, users can get organized in carrying additional medical tests or doctor visits as needed, being reminded at a pre-defined time, while continuing to track their symptoms (to monitor progress if condition assessment was conclusive / or, to help determine condition if diagnosis assessment was inconclusive).

Lifepal’s medical team, comprised of doctors from different specialties, is starting with the management of random symptoms that are associated with cancer – where early diagnosis is imperative in fighting the disease. The app’s medical team has explored all early symptoms associated with all cancer types and offers users the opportunity to track these symptoms on a continuous basis, informing them if and when they need to see a doctor. More chronic diseases as well as other diseases will soon be added, but currently the algorithm only tracks symptoms and advises regarding cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death across the globe and cancer screening is an effective preventive measure that can reduce cancer incidence and mortality. While cancer screening is integral to cancer control and prevention, due to the pandemic, many screenings have either been canceled or postponed, leaving patients without access to recommended healthcare services. This disruption to cancer screening services may have a significant impact on patients, healthcare practitioners, and health systems. This is the reason we are launching our continuous symptom tracker firstly monitoring the possibility for all types of cancer, to address these challenges.

Use Lifepal’s extensive Medical Library to find trusted information regarding your symptoms, relevant medical tests and all types of cancer. Find the information you need from our medical team when needed and wherever you are. With more information, you can be more empowered to manage your health more actively and independently, for a healthy life.

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